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Dental Membership Plan by Sky Dental

Membership Plan Overview

Sky Dental is excited to offer a Dental Membership Plan to help patients with no insurance benefits get necessary dental work at a discounted rate. 

How the Plan Works

The Sky Dental Membership Plan is only valid for services rendered in our office. 

Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no exclusions, no maximums and no waiting periods.

Cost of Coverage

Inhouse Plan Summary.PNG
Plan Coverage & Benefits
Service Coverage Limits

Preventive Services

  • Preventive / Routine Hygiene cleaning:  100% Covered twice per year for each patient

  • Comprehensive doctor exam:  100% Covered 

  • Full mouth series x-rays:  100% Covered

  • Panoramic x-rays:  100% Covered 

  • Intra-oral pictures:  100% Covered 

  • Oral cancer screening:  100% Covered 

  • Smoking cessation counseling:  100% Covered 

  • Smile assessment:  100% Covered

  • Periodontal Treatment / Maintenance:  30% Covered

  • Topical fluoride treatment:  $20 Flat Fee

  • Pit and Fissure Sealants:  30% Covered

  • Night Guards:  30% Covered

Basic Services & Major Services

  • Basic services (Fillings, extractions, root canals, etc.):  25% Covered

  • Major services (Crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.):  20% Covered

Cosmetic & Implant Services

  • Veneers:  15% Covered

  • Implants:  20% Covered

  • Teeth whitening (Zoom in-office whitening &custom whitening trays):  25% Covered

  • Orthodontics: Invisalign teeth straightening:  20% Covered

You can join today and enjoy the benefits immediately!

Click the button below to download our information and enrollment form.

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